I’m Jonathan Balzano Brookes. I was born and raised in Portland, Maine and I’m a fourth generation resident of Portland’s beautiful Munjoy Hill neighborhood. I’m a painter, illustrator and writer of songs and short stories. I received a BFA in Painting at the Maine College of Art in 2002. While attending college I formed a band (now called Phantom Buffalo) with several of my friends from school. I sing, play guitar, contribute album art, and write most of the songs in the group. Phantom Buffalo has released four albums internationally, toured across the US, in France, Belgium, and Mexico, and has received glowing reviews in many prominent European music blogs and magazines.  All of my creative endeavors are very influenced by children’s books. Attempting to make work that creates a peaceful, positive feeling is a main objective of mine. I still live on Munjoy Hill with my wife, Jackie, our daughter, Roseline, our son, Jamison and three cats.